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Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning keeps you comfortable.

Our company strives to offer numerous services to satisfy the system needs of the customers. Apart from heating and air conditioning services, we also provide services like Indoor Air Quality cleaning, heat pumps, ductwork, contractor services, water heater services, radiant floor heating, as well as planning and design of these systems. One of our main objectives is to offer the best quality services at the best prices to our customers. We are a 24-hour emergency service company where you can reach our technicians in case of urgent needs. Our products and parts are high-quality and built to last. Our pricing is affordable, and our standards never compromised. We are only a phone call away, and willing to assist however we can.

Air Conditioning Services

Don’t take any chances with your comfort. Make sure that your home is prepared for the harshest heat. Call Elizabeth’s premier air conditioning professionals at General Air Conditioning today, and rest assured that you’ll be ready for the hottest time of the year when it arrives.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Air Conditioning Installations & Replacements

The first step in ensuring that your AC system is able to keep up with the demand you place on it is to schedule a professional installation with a qualified, trustworthy service provider. When we handle your air conditioning installation, you know that you will receive exceptional service from expert technicians. No matter how you choose to cool your home, with a central AC or heat pump, we have the background and experience necessary to ensure that your system is ready to perform efficiently and effectively.

An air conditioner that is running inefficiently or requires frequent repairs may need replacement. At Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning, our courteous technicians are certified in installing the leading A/C brands and trained in delivering reliable and energy-efficient cooling. We are here to provide your home or business comfortable cooling with an air conditioner replacement in Elizabeth, CO, and nearby areas.

When Does Your Air Conditioner Need Replacement?

Replacement is your best option when your air conditioner needs frequent repair or just doesn’t seem to work properly. If your air conditioner runs well but is older than 10 years old, a replacement can save you money in the long run.

As your air conditioner ages, repairs can be costly and parts may be unavailable. In addition to part availability, an old A/C that uses R-22 or HCFC-22 refrigerant will be more difficult to recharge. The availability of this refrigerant will dwindle since it was phased out by the end of 2020, according to the EPA. A new replacement air conditioner will be energy efficient and offer reliability with an abundance of high-quality parts. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you determine if central air or a ductless mini-split system is the right choice for your home or business and provide an estimate to help you decide if you’re ready for an A/C replacement. We use quality cooling systems from the top manufacturers and can install a comfortable replacement quickly. Our technicians will ensure a proper installation of the replacement A/C the first time, with quality service at an affordable price. If you want to know more, see what our satisfied customers are saying our Facebook page and Google reviews.

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance

Air Conditioning maintenance has a huge impact on the longevity and the performance of your system. Your air conditioning unit is a mechanical piece of equipment that comprises a number of moving parts that work in unison. Moving parts are always subjected to wear and tear. If these minor issues are caught in time, you are able to prevent complete breakdown and save yourself on costly repairs, inconvenience, and discomfort.

When the summer heat starts to build, you find comfort inside with the A/C running. But, if your air conditioner starts making weird noises, blows warm air instead of cold, or worse yet, quits working, it’s a major concern. That’s why you need AC repair near you. We offer repairs at affordable prices. Your repairs are carried out by our qualified technicians who will visit your home and evaluate the damage. We will price your repair accordingly, and present the price before any work is undertaken. Our turnaround time for repairs is fast and efficient, and we won’t leave you inconvenienced for any longer than is necessary. We’ve been serving Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO, and surrounding areas for more than twenty years. Our highly-trained, experienced technicians are able to handle all manner of A/C repairs, regardless of the manufacturer.

We provide all the air conditioner repair near you in Elizabeth. You can rest assured that when we’re on the job, your air conditioner will be repaired right the first time and that we stand by our work.

If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to call us at (303) 648-3602 or contact us online. We’ll do everything we can to repair the problem quickly so you and your family can enjoy the cool comfort of your home, even on the hottest of Colorado days.

We Offer A Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance staff will take excellent care of your unit. If you decide to take us up on one of our maintenance plan offers, you won’t have to worry about when your next service is due. We’ll give you a courtesy call before your next service date. All you need to do is answer and confirm.

At each maintenance appointment, our technicians will check the following:

  • Refrigerant levels
  • Drainage pipes
  • Electrical connections
  • Gas leaks
  • Ductwork
  • Energy efficiency evaluation

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless systems are a great air conditioning or heating solution when you don’t have space or budget for a fully ducted system. Ductless systems replace unpleasant-looking window units with more aesthetically pleasing mini-split units. Whether you need to heat or cool a smaller area like a detached garage, barn, or workshop, Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning can help you choose just the right unit to meet your needs.

Why Go Ductless With Us?

Since 2000, Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing temperature-controlled environments to families throughout the Elizabeth, Parker, and Castle Rock, CO areas. The technicians and staff at Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning have kept abreast of advancements and developments, and we have the capabilities to install your ductless system with efficiency and ease. Trained technicians, professional staff, and that amazing, much-needed, personal touch are what make us your service provider of choice. So whether you need a ductless mini-split heating or air conditioner, let the qualified technicians at Coombs Heating and Air find you the most beneficial solution. We will personally visit your home to evaluate the area and your requirements. We will offer our advice and recommendations and provide you with different options to meet your needs.

Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning offers HVAC inspection services if you suspect something is just not right with your system. We are available to undertake the maintenance services and any repairs that may be required in the future. We are the one-stop-shop for your ductless systems. After an inspection, we might suggest a simple system tune-up to get things back to their peak performance. We will ensure that your system remains in perfect working order in between the scheduled maintenance checks. Some issues may simply arise through age and wear and tear, and if left untreated until the maintenance, they may lead to bigger problems. Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning’s amazing staff is fully equipped to take on your HVAC tune-up and keep your system intact until the next maintenance is due.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

A lot of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making good energy efficiency decisions about your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning HVAC system can have a big effect on your utility bills, and your comfort.

Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems are a great way to eliminate energy waste. Here at Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning, we take pride in offering services in Elizabeth, Colorado, and the surrounding areas that will help you become as energy efficient as possible.

Energy efficiency is measured by a metric called the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). To put it simply, the EER takes the amount of cooling or heating produced by the device and creates a ratio using the amount of power the device requires to function. EER can help determine whether a system is reducing or creating energy waste. An example of a good EER rating would be a device that measures 12 and above. When seeking to be more energy conscious, compare a unit’s EER with another unit and choose whichever is higher.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Energy-Efficient?

The main benefits of installing an energy-efficient heating or cooling system are the effects on the environment and your wallet. Running an energy-efficient system will lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollutants, and decrease the amount of water used. Reducing your carbon footprint is always a good thing, and this is one of the easiest ways in achieving that goal. Along with the reduction of harmful pollutants and the amount of water used, an energy-efficient system will lower your utility bills with no sacrifice in comfort.

At Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning, we will help you become more energy efficient when installing a new air conditioner or heater. We can help determine the correct size unit you will need for your home to help you be as energy efficient as you can. In addition, we offer maintenance, repair, replacement, tune-ups, and more. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Heating System Services

When it’s freezing outside, all we want is warmth. It boosts our productivity and reduces our stress. But warmth in our homes requires an effective, energy-efficient heating unit for our frigid Colorado winters throughout its lifespan. We are on hand to provide all the services you require. If you need a new furnace installed, regular maintenance, or heating repair near you, Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning is the place to go.

Heating System Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance

Yes, you took the leap, you outlaid capital and added a furnace and heating system to your home. This will definitely increase the price tag attached to your home and will enhance the lifestyle and comfort of your family. Your job, however, does not end there. In order for your system to provide consistent, satisfactory service to you, you need to look after that system. We know furnace and heating systems, and we know how to care for them. Your furnace needs regular maintenance to prevent damage, breakdowns, and repairs. Preventive maintenance is your way of putting the brakes on a small problem before they have a chance to develop into large, costly repairs. Our technicians are on hand to undertake full maintenance checks on your furnace. A thorough maintenance check should take approximately 90 minutes to complete, but it is 90 minutes worth spending time and money on.

Regular Preventative Maintenance

Our staff will check your furnace for cracks, flaws, and wear and tear. We will test for gas leaks that could have catastrophic results. Gas leaks of carbon monoxide may go undetected as there is no odor, however, if inhaled in large quantities, it can be fatal to your family and your pets. Explosions are a very real possibility when gas leaks are present. Undertaking regular maintenance on your furnace will ensure the safety of your family, and keep your home filled with constant, consistent warm air. We offer preventive maintenance packages that allow us to take the pressure off of you. We will record your services and contact you when the next service is due.

Heating System Repairs

Heating System Repairs

When your heater fails on a frigid day in Colorado, getting your heat back is a priority. At Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand your need for heating is not negotiable, and offer emergency heater repair in Elizabeth, CO. Our technicians are ready for your residential heating repairs 24/7.

Signs Your Heating Repair Is Urgent

On a cold day, when you set your thermostat to heat and your furnace, boiler, or heat pump does not turn on, you should not hesitate to call Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning to restore your comfort. Ignoring your heating repairs can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, so we will deliver a safe and prompt repair of your heater. Other signs that your heater needs urgent repair are leaking oil or gas, low airflow, unusual noises or scents, and smoke coming from the heater. We all know how temperamental your heating system can be. Wear and tear is bound to happen, even if you have been religious about preventive maintenance. Moving parts will always break down at some point. When they do, Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning is here to rescue you, and your equipment, anywhere in the Elizabeth, Parker, or Castle Rock areas.

Furnace Repairs

That dreaded day that your furnace gives up the ghost, is a thought that strikes fear in the hearts of many. It is an inconvenience and jeopardizes the comfort of your family. The cost implications are a worry, and something not included in your normal budget. Coombs is the service provider to call. Our technicians are quickly able to assess where the damage lies, offer you an upfront quote on the repair, and once the go-ahead is given, the turnaround time is exceptional. With the cold months on their way, this is one system you cannot be left without.

Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing our community with heat since 2000. We are well-versed in the operation of furnaces and are easily able to evaluate your home and provide a suitable furnace to heat your home efficiently. Skilled and trained staff are what gives us the edge in the industry. We are continually furthering our knowledge and expertise, and we stay abreast of advancements in technology and techniques at all times. Over our 20+ years of service, we have gained experience that is invaluable, and we use this to assist our customers going forward.

Boiler Services

Boiler Services

When was the last time you had your boiler serviced? Not sure? No matter your needs, we can help you with boiler repair, installation, or maintenance. And of course, you’re getting the very best, name-brand products. In some cases, a simple repair may not be enough. Regular wear and tear result in reduced quality and function, and only a new boiler will solve your problem. When it comes to boiler installation, maintenance, or repair, there is only one name in Elizabeth, CO, and surrounding areas – Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning.

• Boiler repair • Emergency boiler repair • Boiler inspection • Boiler installation • Boiler replacement • Boiler maintenance • Boiler tune-ups

Radiant Heat Systems

Radiant Heat Systems

It is absolutely astounding how heating systems have advanced over the years. Radiant heating is amazing in that it creates such a warm and cozy atmosphere without you even knowing that the heating system is present. There are no noisy radiators, no vents distributing air. Yet your home is toasty warm. And with our cold Elizabeth winters, once you experience radiant floor heating, you’ll never regret making the investment. If you’re in need of Radiant Floor Heating Service in Elizabeth, Parker or Castle Rock, CO, Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning is the way to go.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is perfect for use in a variety of situations. Whether you require that warm, cozy feeling in your home or need to keep your livestock warm in the barn, radiant floor heating can do that for you. Radiant floor heating is versatile and can be used on a concrete slab or a plywood floor. Underfloor heating provides comfort without noise. Radiant heating is somewhat more efficient than forced-air systems as it eliminates duct heat loss. Forced air systems often carry and distribute allergens if the ducting has not been properly maintained, but radiant floor heating provides heat without redistributing allergens throughout your home. Call us today to learn more about how radiant floor heating can be an affordable, energy-efficient option for you. Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning has been in operation since 2000. Our technicians are fully certified, qualified, and trained to undertake whatever task is put before them. We regularly provide training on new aspects of the industry, and each and every one of our technicians prides themselves on developing their own skills to meet the demands of our customer base.

Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ ) Services

Many of you install heating or cooling units for the comfort of your families. What many don’t realize is how much your indoor air quality is improved through the proper use of these systems. Excellent indoor air quality will ensure that the air your family breathes on a daily basis is clean, fresh, and promotes good health. A heating or cooling system that is properly maintained and regularly cleaned allows clean, dust-free air to circulate through your home. This clean air promotes good health. You will find that your family is less prone to bronchial irritations and allergies.

Clean Your Dirty Air Duct System

Clean installations, regular maintenance, and cleaning of your system and associated ducting will ensure that the air in your home is not a detriment to your family. A dirty system or ducting will only circulate dirty air. Air is filled with dust particles, and as the air travels through the system and ducting, the particles are left behind and blown out with future air circulating. Our staff is able to assess your air quality and provide options on how you can improve your indoor air quality for your family. Let’s get started on your indoor air quality cleaning project.

There’s no such thing as a good time for you residential HVAC System to fail, but we’re here to help when it happens.